Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cadarnvish House Season One


Yes I know this isn’t the normal CAS picture you are used to. I forgot to take it...
Meet Grace Cadarnvish, I was playing around in CAS and I really liked her, so she is moving to Willow Creek. She’s a family Sim by the way!

Say hello Grace.

Grace: “Eh... Hello...”

You’ll get used to it no worries, honestly she isn’t shy!
She’s going to be our resident clothes maker, we need a shop in town that sells clothes. Bad.


Wow... Grace where did you find this house?

Grace: “Zis? Zis I had built!”

Oh... You did?”

Grace: “Oui!”

Thank goodness I know enough French to know that one... But so... You’re French living in an Asian House?

Grace: “And wat is wronged wif dat?”

Nothing... Just... Nothing...

Grace: “But it az left my monies short...”


Grace: “Oui, yes, and ze inside? It need work... I am confedent you can do rest.”


This is what I have to do?!

Grace: “Oui.”

And you left me less than two thousand Simolians?

Grace: “That lot where I come from.”

Yes... Well the inside is not going to be what you would normally want.

Grace: “I vant-”

Don’t bother. We’ll get that later.


Grace: “Vat is dis?!”

Your house.

Grace: “But dis... Dis is noting!”

Well sorry. You spent it all to custom build your house.

You’re lucky I was able to get you a sewing machine.

Grace: “Oh, good, good, but where is de floor?”

You have none. You spent it on walls. Don’t ask me HOW they worked that out.

Grace: “Oh.”

Just go get sewing.


Sweetness!! A sim that is ACTUALLY what I want!! *Dances*


Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do we do? We sew sew.

Grace: “What are you doing?!”

Singing. It’s Finding Nemo!! You gotta have finding Nemo!

Grace: “No.”

Oh... That’s depressing.

Grace: “I do not get why I can not just get job.”

Go look in the paper for yourself, you’ll see.


Grace: “Der is no here!”


No jobs available, you must make your money threw sewing.

Grace: “Oh my...”


Grace, no.

We don’t have money for a dog.

Grace: “But is like from my country!”


Grace: “But he lost!”

Tell you what Grace you sew enough that we can buy things he needs I’ll let you get him, deal?


But first fix that.

Grace: “Tis what dogs do!”

But you don’t have money to buy a new bed!!

Grace: “Alvight, alvight!”

Well I have to admit not as bad as Belle not as good as Mike, this could be doable...


Oh yes... Wonderful dog.

Grace: “Would not happen if you gaven me floor!”

Yes I know. SEW!


Grace: “It az been two days of sewing pot ‘olders!!”

I know... You should be getting your Bronze soon... Promise...

But you can go catch butterflies for now for fun...


Oh now THIS isn’t creepy!!

She was just coming to give the membership card but still!!


See? Better now

Grace: “Tis better!”

*Sigh* Now comfort... I have to help comfort...


Tada!!! A cheep bathtub!!

Now we can take bubble baths and put comfort up!

I’m so smartical.


Told you so!!

Grace: “Now I can make ze teddy bearas!”

Yes you can, and curtains!!


YAY!! This will make things so much nicer!

Now you won’t have so many issues...

Like Social... It’s Belle all over again... *Sigh*


Point made... *Sigh*

Grace: “If you got me husband like in want panel!”

I know, I know!! Okay... *Sigh*

I’ll start looking.



Those lips would be here forever...


Grace: “Ahem!”

I know!!


I guess we’ll have to do it next time...

This has been a very... Short... Update... But nothing happened.

Sorry y’all!!

See you soon!!

End of Season Stats
Households: 3
Playable Sims: 4
CAS available: 0
Community Lots: 2
Business Districts: 0
Universities: 0
Downtown: No
Sim Multiplier: 2
Population: 8


  1. Grace looks like fun. I like the way you make them all so individual. And for an uneventful week, you certainly made it an entertaining read.

  2. nice job. i am enjoying reading. you do make me want to just keep simming.
    jamie lee