Friday, April 24, 2009

Stefton House Season One


Meet Belle Stefton.

She’s the start for my build a city challenge. She is a family sim and a bit of a city girl... But she wanted to come to find her own piece of history.

That has brought her to the very small town of Willow Creek. Population... 1... Well maybe one in a half? There used to be rumors of an old man living in a cave down by the creek... But... who knows if it’s true... So no worry, right? Right.


With Belle’s small savings she bought this quaint brick house...

Belle: “It’s dinky!!”

Yes it is that but we needed money to start your business...

Belle: “It needs upgrading,”

Yeah... Some...

Belle: “Some?”

Okay a lot... Repainting and some new furniture... But look on the bright side!! With the money you saved by switching to Geico... Err... I mean by buying these items you were able to get



Belle: “It’s dirty.”

Yes it is it’s a green house. It’s where you’re gonna grow lots of fruits and veggies.


Belle: “It’s dirty!!”

You already said that.

Belle: "So? I'm saying it again!! EW!"

I just had to make a city girl didn’t I? Oh this will be so much fun.


Of course I couldn’t have hoped for a Nature sim could I?

That could have made this bearable...


Belle: “This food isn’t as good as the food I could have gotten in town.”

*Grumbling loudly*


Belle: “It’s turning to MUD!”

I don’t really care. You’re the one who said you had a lifelong dream of moving out here.

Belle: “Yeah. I DID.”

And now you’re stuck being the starter for a whole town.

Belle: "But it's getting on my pedicured toes!!"


Belle... Who’s your one eyed friend?

Belle: “He showed up. Much nicer than the *other* people you’ve been letting me talk to.”

Yeah, fine we’ll try to work harder on that. But you live in the middle of no-where I highly doubt you're just gonna find a lot of people out here.

Belle: "Why did I wanna do this??"

You wanted your piece of fame?

Belle: "You shut up voice in my head!!"

Actually I'm not in your head, I'm just kinda here... Watching you...

Belle: "Great. I'm going mental too."

Says the girl talking to a giant one eyed bunny.


Well all we need is... another thousand six hundred... We spent to much on your furniture.

Belle: “THIS was too much?!”

Yes. We can’t afford it. Too bad so sad.

Unfortunately we can’t sell it back either... Cuz she needs it all... Hopefully when your garden becomes fully grown we can buy it.

Belle: "Ugh. You're really getting annoying Voice."

I don't like you calling me Voice. And YOU are the annoying one, dear.

Belle: "I don't like you calling me dear."

So what should I call you?

Belle: "Uhh... Belle?"

Fine. You can call me.... Sim Master?

Belle: "No."


Yay for silver!! I dunno where my picture of the bronze went...



Belle: “I’m used to hanging out with people all the time in town. There is no one out here!!”

You could go find that crazy old guy there were rumors of.

Belle: “You’re joking right? Me?”

I tried?

Belle: "Try harder. Voice."


Oh lookie! A person! Go attac-er... Say hi....

Belle: "He has no shirt."

Would you rather talk to me?

Belle: "I'm gonna go say hi now."


Um... Belle? There is kinda a pressing need over here

Belle: “Can’t you see I’m busy and my social is only half way up?”

Oh yes. I will kill by the end of this.

Belle: "Not if I kill you first Voice."


Belle: “Oh why did I do this?! I could have stayed in my apartment with people who liked me, and food, and, a real life!!”

Not commenting.

Belle: "If I wasn't so distraught I would say something about that!"


Belle: “Hi there little guy, you're sweet and kind, and you don't say mean things like Voice, no you don't.”

Ha. Ha. Belle. This is Tigger! I gotta say I’m loving the delete all characters thing!! I get new pets even too!!


Yes!! I love him!! I know I have to spend money on him so I don’t get my new CAS and can move on from Mrs. Annoying-britches over there.

Belle: "It's no picnic having you here either Voice!!"

*Grinding teeth* And he puts her social up. We are happy about this.

Belle: "We? Are you going mental now Voice."

Next picture.


YES! Go harvest chickie!!

Belle: “Don’t call me that.”

Fine... Go harvest... Girly?

Belle: “Not a chance Voice.”

You won't stop calling me Voice.

Belle: "Doesn't matter. I'm a computer generated being that you've been arguing with for the past hour."

Very good point....


Well Belle! We did it!

We got the lot before the season ended! We still have some time actually! Care to go set things up?

Belle: “If I must. At least it’s closer to town... Not like I have a choice in the matter.”

None whatsoever. Because you live SO far out in the middle of nowhere you have a long drive to get to town to the farmers market. Well actually walk, because you don't own a car, and taxi's don't come this far... heh.

Belle: "Oh heck no!! I am not walking that far!!!"

Sucks to be you. Revenge is sweet.


Belle: “All that work was for this piece of dirt?”


Belle: "You have mental issues Voice."

Yeah that's what everyone says....

Belle: "So what do we do now that I WALKED here?"

Spend the rest of what little money you have like...



Unfortunately we had to sell all of your fruit to buy this so we don’t have anything to sell right now... So we might as well go home.

Belle: “But we just GOT here! I am NOT walking that far back!!”

Don't see how you have an option on this, with that reddening bladder and all.

Belle: "Curse you, Voice."


Belle: “Why am I doing this again?!”

Because you picked it all now it’s time to plant again.

Belle: “But I thought I was done!!”


Belle: “Ugh! How many more times do I have to do this Voice??”

Probably for the rest of your life.

Belle: "I didn't sign up for that!!!"

You kinda did you wanted to make a mark for yourself, here you are doing so.

Belle: "Not this way!! I thought it would be easy!! I'm gonna die!"

So melodramatic. You'll get there.



Belle: "So what?"

So now you can talk to plants and make them happy.

Belle: "Should I be happy about this?"


Belle: "Oh... Yippy."


Wait... Why are you walking out before finishing putting fertilizer on all of the plots?

Belle: “I don’t have any money to finish Voice! You spent it all on that silly piece of dirt you called a Farmer's Market! And then what we had left you blew on the little place to sell the non existent fruit!”

Well... It's not as bad as it could be I mean you have... One... Simolian...

(Picture poofed I dunno where it went... :'( )

Well... That’s at least fixable.

Belle: "Sure. Whatever you say Voice. How?"


Belle: "What the heck am I doing this for?! It's cold!!"

Because you find things dig them up I sell them and we make money! As for the cold... Yes Winter is coming which means I will soon be leaving you for another house for a season.

Belle: “Wonderful. Digging. Wait... Did you say leaving me Voice??”


Belle: "I'll dig faster!!"



Belle: “VOICE!!!!”

Oh... Yes that can happen... Just fill it in.

Belle: “But I’m stinky!! I need a shower Voice!!”

Fill it in!


And clean that up.

Belle: “Whine, whine, whine, gripe, gripe, gripe, I do all the work and all she does is yell at me!”

That's my job as your annoying Voice.


While you're at it put that in the compost so we don’t have to pay for so much next time. It’s a good thing...

And unfortunately, or... Fortunately... That brings us to the end of Fall! Yes this is why I was rushing the whole ‘buy the lot’ thing. I needed another family :D

Belle: "Don't let the door hit you on your way out."

Trust me I won't be waiting to come back here.

End of Season Stats
Households: 1
Playable Sims: 1
CAS available: 1
Community Lots: 1
Business Districts: 0
Universities: 0
Downtown: No
Sim Multiplier: 2
Population: 2