Friday, May 22, 2009

Stefton House Season Two


Hello Belle!!!

Belle: “You... You just left!! You said that you would be gone for a while!! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!”

Why? Because no time passes for you when it does for me :D

Belle: “You’re kidding me.”

Nope! Absolutely no time has passed for you but I’ve had like a good month away from you.

Belle: “I hate you.”

Mutual my dear.


Belle: “*Muttering under breath*”

Yes. Yes. I know you hate my guts yada, yada, can you go finish planting out there?

We really need to get something growing.



Belle: “I’m out here breaking my back and you’re just sitting there.”


Belle: “You enjoy making my life miserable don’t you Voice?”

Yeah actually it’s kinda nice. Makes me feel better at least.

Belle: “Of coarse YOU do.”

*Rolls eyes*


Belle: “I need a shower since you made me finish planting all those plants.

Yes, yes, I know such hard work.

Belle: “Can I at least have privacy?!”

You have little blurry boxes, doesn’t that count.

Belle: “NO!”

Okay, okay, touchy...



Belle: “It’s... SNOWING!”

Didn’t you get snow where you were at?

Belle: “Of course but it’s SNOWING!”



Belle: “I’m tired because you had me planting so much!!”

Yup and you’re not done turn around and go finish

Belle: “Curse you voice.”

I’ve herd that one before.

Belle: “Uhh... Hex?”

Ooh that’s original. Not.

Belle: “I’m to TIRED to come up with something good.

Sucks to be you then doesn’t it?


Belle you didn’t finish!!!

Belle: “We have no money!!”

Don’t care you could go dig.

Belle: “There is snow on the ground I can not!!”

Technically you COULD the programmers won’t let you.

Belle: “My new best friends. Don’t you have ANYTHING better to do than nit-pick?”

Nope. I’m in a car and have been for the past four hours and will be for like the next... Eight or something like that...

Belle: “Don’t tell me you’re gonna just bug me the WHOLE time!”

No after Winter I’ll move onto Mike.

Belle: “When does it end again?”


Belle: “Think you can handle that Voice? Or will that be too difficult for you?”

Shut up. Go away.

Belle: “You could just get me a boyfriend!!”


Belle: “Yup! Boyfriend. I want a boyfriend.

Of course you do.


Okay... Go fill the bowl Belle...

Belle: “AHEM!”


Belle: “NO MONEY!!”

Riiight.... Uhh... Crap... Tigger’s gonna die or get taken away... Uhhh......

Belle: “Are you panicking?”

NO! I don’t panic... I know this Sims game thing...


Belle: “What’s that?”


Oh... The snow melted :D


There we go!!! Dig up something we can sell then fill Tigger’s bowl!!

Told you not to get a dog.

Belle: “You LET me and you fell in love first.”

Not commenting on that.

Belle: “HA! I’m RIGHT!!”

Are not!

Belle: “Are too!!”

Are not!

Belle: “Are too!!”

I hate these.


Belle: “Now that Tigger has something to eat what about me?”

You HAVE food in the fridge.


Belle: “Unfortunately it would have been fun to make you squirm though,”

I’m sure. But we could go to Mike’s and get more food.


Wait... What’s this?

Belle: “Nothing!”

Are you softening up on me Belle?

Belle: “NO! Nothing!!”

*Snicker* Your secret is safe with me.

Belle: “Ha.”


Oh hi Ray!

Belle: “Can he hear you?”

No. But I can say hi anyway!

This guy is ALWAYS over here talking to Belle, they made best friends without me doing a single thing to their relationship!

Belle: “You talking to me?”

No. I’m telling the readers.

Belle: “Readers?”

Yes. Deal with it.

Now then lets look at what we have here...




Belle: “Voice? You gone?”

No it’s just something you put.

Belle: “Dang.”

Yes I know you were ready to throw a party.


But look at those noses.... Yours is so nice looking and his is so.... MOUNT OLYPUS!!!


*Shutters and tries not to imagine the huged nosed kids*


And the clothes. Oh gosh the clothes!!! Maybe we’ll HAVE to go into town to get him clothes...

Belle: “But can I ask him to move in?”


Belle: “It’s in my wants panel!!!”

I know...

Okay if he accepts FIRST TIME you can!


DANG IT HE DID! I mean... Congrats Belle...

Belle: “You’d better.”

Can I at least have compensation money for having to deal with it?


3,000 Simolians?! I have to deal with Mount Olympus for three thousand skimpy bucks?!?!

*Muttering under breath*

Belle: “But it’s real love!”

Yes I’m sure it is.

Ray: “Uhh... What’s that?”

Belle: “Trust me you want to ignore her.”

Maybe Ray’ll like me!!

Belle: “Ha!”

Ray: “This is odd...”

It’s okay. You’ll become accustomed to my talking. But mostly I like to annoy your future-wife. So just ignore me. :D

Ray: “Future wife?”

Sure. That’s why I moved you in. Duh.

Ray: “Right...”

Belle: “Weirdo.”


Belle: “Oh no!! The double bed won’t fit!”

Just wait I’m magic.

Belle: “Huh?”

Just wait.



Belle: “How did you do that?

Told you. Magic. I just don’t have a hat.

Belle: “Huh?”



Day off? You have a job... Oops.

Oh and by the way Ray is a money Sim with a LTW to become a pro dancer which made me burst into a fit of giggles which I then had to explain to my Dad who is a non-simmer.


Yes of course we do

Ray: “I don’t I like my job.”

But it’s to long of a drive to get there every day, no car pool will come and since you ONLY brought me three thousand bucks your stuck without a job.




Okay today is the day I would normally leave.

Belle: “GO!”

Just give me a second to finish talking!!!


See? So go ahead and pick them all and next round we’ll come back and sell them.

Belle: “Back?”

Yes Belle. Back.


See you two later!! BEHAVE YOU TWO!!!

Belle: “Mmhmm,”

That’s so reconvening.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cadarnvish House Season One


Yes I know this isn’t the normal CAS picture you are used to. I forgot to take it...
Meet Grace Cadarnvish, I was playing around in CAS and I really liked her, so she is moving to Willow Creek. She’s a family Sim by the way!

Say hello Grace.

Grace: “Eh... Hello...”

You’ll get used to it no worries, honestly she isn’t shy!
She’s going to be our resident clothes maker, we need a shop in town that sells clothes. Bad.


Wow... Grace where did you find this house?

Grace: “Zis? Zis I had built!”

Oh... You did?”

Grace: “Oui!”

Thank goodness I know enough French to know that one... But so... You’re French living in an Asian House?

Grace: “And wat is wronged wif dat?”

Nothing... Just... Nothing...

Grace: “But it az left my monies short...”


Grace: “Oui, yes, and ze inside? It need work... I am confedent you can do rest.”


This is what I have to do?!

Grace: “Oui.”

And you left me less than two thousand Simolians?

Grace: “That lot where I come from.”

Yes... Well the inside is not going to be what you would normally want.

Grace: “I vant-”

Don’t bother. We’ll get that later.


Grace: “Vat is dis?!”

Your house.

Grace: “But dis... Dis is noting!”

Well sorry. You spent it all to custom build your house.

You’re lucky I was able to get you a sewing machine.

Grace: “Oh, good, good, but where is de floor?”

You have none. You spent it on walls. Don’t ask me HOW they worked that out.

Grace: “Oh.”

Just go get sewing.


Sweetness!! A sim that is ACTUALLY what I want!! *Dances*


Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do we do? We sew sew.

Grace: “What are you doing?!”

Singing. It’s Finding Nemo!! You gotta have finding Nemo!

Grace: “No.”

Oh... That’s depressing.

Grace: “I do not get why I can not just get job.”

Go look in the paper for yourself, you’ll see.


Grace: “Der is no here!”


No jobs available, you must make your money threw sewing.

Grace: “Oh my...”


Grace, no.

We don’t have money for a dog.

Grace: “But is like from my country!”


Grace: “But he lost!”

Tell you what Grace you sew enough that we can buy things he needs I’ll let you get him, deal?


But first fix that.

Grace: “Tis what dogs do!”

But you don’t have money to buy a new bed!!

Grace: “Alvight, alvight!”

Well I have to admit not as bad as Belle not as good as Mike, this could be doable...


Oh yes... Wonderful dog.

Grace: “Would not happen if you gaven me floor!”

Yes I know. SEW!


Grace: “It az been two days of sewing pot ‘olders!!”

I know... You should be getting your Bronze soon... Promise...

But you can go catch butterflies for now for fun...


Oh now THIS isn’t creepy!!

She was just coming to give the membership card but still!!


See? Better now

Grace: “Tis better!”

*Sigh* Now comfort... I have to help comfort...


Tada!!! A cheep bathtub!!

Now we can take bubble baths and put comfort up!

I’m so smartical.


Told you so!!

Grace: “Now I can make ze teddy bearas!”

Yes you can, and curtains!!


YAY!! This will make things so much nicer!

Now you won’t have so many issues...

Like Social... It’s Belle all over again... *Sigh*


Point made... *Sigh*

Grace: “If you got me husband like in want panel!”

I know, I know!! Okay... *Sigh*

I’ll start looking.



Those lips would be here forever...


Grace: “Ahem!”

I know!!


I guess we’ll have to do it next time...

This has been a very... Short... Update... But nothing happened.

Sorry y’all!!

See you soon!!

End of Season Stats
Households: 3
Playable Sims: 4
CAS available: 0
Community Lots: 2
Business Districts: 0
Universities: 0
Downtown: No
Sim Multiplier: 2
Population: 8

Monday, May 4, 2009

Andrews House Season One


Wait? What’s this you ask? Where is our beloved *CoughHATEDCough* Belle?? Well this is our new CAS!! A chance to get away from Belle.


Anyway this is... *Checks* Mike Andrews. He’s of the pleasure persuasion... Fun.... He has recently moved to Willow Creek.

He will open a small general store.

Mike: “I will?”

You will.

And you won't question me either, got it?

Mike: "Got it all-powerful Voice..."

This is already turning out better.


See? Not even a bad house!!

Mike: “It’s very...”


Mike: “Old styled.”

Your future wife will like it

Mike: “Do I see a house back there?”

Yup that’s Belle. Annoying Belle.

Mike: “Can I meet her?”

Hopefully not. Let’s move inside.


Mike: “It’s... Girly... And there is nothing here!”

Well yes... It is girly, but your future wife will enjoy that, and it’s better than I gave Belle.

Mike: “Should I be relieved?”

Yes. I like you better than Belle so far, so as long as you continue to be nice to me then I'll be nice to you.

Mike: "I'll behave,"

Good! And see there's a reason I got you such little things.

Mike: "Why?"


Because of these “Measely” things lookie what you can buy!!

Mike: “It’s named after me already?”

Yes... The town is psychic...

Mike: "Wow... That's kinda creepy don't you think?


Mike: "Oh... Okay..."


Mike who is jumping rope in your kitchen?

Mike: “That’s Valerie, I think I love her.”

Don't go rushing into things Mike. I will admit... He does have two bolts with her... We might have a future wife on our hands, we'll try things out.


Say goodbye now Mike

Mike: “Bye Valerie...”

You’ll see her again soon promise. You two have two bolts and I like her.

Mike: "I love her..."

Of course you do. I'd figure you were a family Sim... *Rolls eyes*


This is all his money could afford... Slowly we’ll build it up.

Mike: “Very slowly I guess...”


Mike: "Right... Sure..."

Don't complain I still like you!!

Mike: "It looks great to me!"


Our first sale!! *Bounces*

Mike: “Yes I suppose...”

It's a good thing!! Now things can get better and better and you get a better house!

Mike: "One with furniture in it?"

Your creeping towards my bad side.

Mike: "I love the house!!"

*Pats head* Good boy.


Mike!! Geez... You have to ring up customers!!

*Sigh* I guess you deserve it... Though you realize you met her TODAY?

They're really cute together...

So all together now... Awwwww....


Oh no... Evil witch... And it’s raining... With thunder.

Mike... You’d better go home... Now.

Mike: "I'm not complaining. I need to pee. And I'm tired."

*Rolls eyes*


Mike: “Hellooooo!!”

Yes I know Mike. Go to bed.

Mike: “In the girly bed?”

Yes the girly bed Mike. *Sigh* I mean you could lay on the floor.

Mike: “....I’ll go sleep in the girly bed.”

And get up early because we’re opening the shop at seven in the morning!!


Ugh. I hate the evil witch.

Mike: “BUGS!!! I HATE BUGS!!! *Bwahahahaha*”

Point made.


We added something to the store today! See? Isn’t it pretty? We’re gonna sell pies, well when Mike can make them.

For right now we’re selling gelatin.


I think we’d better head home Mike...

Mike: “I’ll agree, what’m I supposed to sell??”

Exactly my point.

Besides with your reddening bla-


Oops. Never mind...


Mike: “Glad YOU find this amusing!! Valerie was here!!”

I’ll tell you what as soon as you get home since you’ll have the day over, it happens that way, you can invite Valerie over for the whole day.

Mike: “I can’t even talk to her now!”

*Sigh* Sims...


Mike: “I’m not standing in pee I’m standing in... Water!!”

Valerie: “Of course...*Walks off*”

Mike: “I swear revenge!!”

Of course you do.

Lets just go home.


See she came over when you called! Why are you crying?

Mike: *Sobs*

Did Valerie turn you down?

Mike: “B-Bu-ugs!!!”

Oh. Of course. How could I forget the bugs...


Oh no... You need fun... You have no money that means only one thing...
Mike: “What’s that?”

The dreaded....... Toy......

Mike: “What?”



The toy car.

Mike: “That looks fun!!”

Of course you think it’s fun.


Mike: “Vroooooom!! Wheeeeeee!!!”

Of course..... But when you start whining because you can’t get to the refrigerator don’t come crying to me!!

Of course you will because you’re a sim but...


Of course you’re not what I want either....

Not that I know what I DO want for you but....


GAH! This is the FOURTH time she has done this to him!!

Mike we’ll find someone better for you! Okay? What about Gina? That sweet girl that keeps coming by your shop? You keep spinning up wants to be her friend.

Then we can kick little mean britches to the curb!

Mike: “But the love of my OW! Life! What do I do! Ow!”

Wear a poke proof suit?

Lets just TRY inviting Gina over?


Err... I take it you like her? Three seconds after being here they kiss!!

Mike: “Forget Valerie!! I love Gina!”

Are you sure you’re not a romance sim?


Aww... Valerie never let him do this...

Mike: “I'm in love. Can I marry her??”

Okay, fine, we’ll just let you two go, okay?

Just don’t do anything stupid.

Mike: “Like what?”


Like that!! Asking her to move in!!


Mike: “But I love her! Why did she say no?”

Because you two have pink hearts!!!

She won’t say yes you idiot!

Tell her to go home, please? You need sleep before we go to work tomorrow!


Doh! I forgot to get more gelatin!! *Sigh*


Out of habit I clicked the button to get rid of the pop up but I made it to rank one!!

Mike: “I took the money.”

Yes you did, because we needed some kind of place to put a toilet (Because you have NO bladder!!) and a refrigerator to get more gelatin.

Mike: “Right...”

Y’know you’re really quiet. It’s a nice break from Belle.


She accepted to move in! C’mon MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!

*Keeps chanting*


MONEY!!!! *Dances around happily*

Mike: “Is that really all you care about?”

Gina: “Wh-What was that?”

Hello Gina, I am... Voice... I’m just here to help you around that’s all.

Gina: “Is this normal Mike?”

Mike: “Pretty much, don’t worry things are fine,”

We just have to buy a bigger bed, but we can do that :D

Interesting... Gina is ALSO a popularity Sim, and ALSO has the want of twenty best friends... Cool!

Guess you two do fit together well.

You two can have fun until morning then we go fix up shop.


Not exactly what I meant you two!!


Meet the newly improved Mike’s General Store!


More food and a few odds and ends, like a chair or a bed that you might need, mostly because we need more expensive items to sell lol!!


I like having two people! One person can make sales while the other does the cashier or restocks! This works very well.


What do you two say to updating the house hm?

Gina: “I like the house... It’s quaint...”

But there’s an empty room.

Gina: “Yeah...”

Give me two seconds. Like blink.


Hows this?

Gina: “H-How did you do this?!”

Mike: “Don’t ask, she build the house the same way. Don’t question the ways of the voice.”

Hey Mike? Can I send Belle over for some lessons?


Mike kept spinning up wants so I let him go for it...


She accepted!!


A very small wedding proceeded, just the two of them.

Mike: “And you.”

Yes me.



See? Much better than poky-britches!!

Mike: "Okay yes I agree and this time I really love her."



Ahh... The joys of marrying someone who’s always in your store...


I realized that last time we didn’t take the money reward so we took them both this time!

Now we could really upgrade this shop but alas, our time together is over...

This is the end of fall we leave you now *Gracefully bows out*

Stop laughing Jenni!!

End of Season Stats
Households: 2
Playable Sims: 3
CAS available: 1
Community Lots: 2
Business Districts: 0
Universities: 0
Downtown: No
Sim Multiplier: 2
Population: 6